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CBTL India was founded & established to be on the fore front of construction & building development techniques & innovations. With time & experience the technological and entrepreneurial excellence and emphasis on quality workmanship, high safety standards & team work has categorically set us apart from our peers & competitors. Our efficiency & professional approach in our scope & ambit of operation has created a niche for us in the modern world of Contract & Turnkey Works.

CBTL India ranks amongst the fastest up growing construction & infrastructure companies in the private sector in India. Our achievements encompass well known landmark projects repaired & built over several years, with a significant presence across all spectrums of civil engineering, design and construction.

With our recognized presence of operations in the Construction and Infrastructure industry, CBTL has a presence in other manufacturing & constructions building finishing & beautification business in which it undertakes Repairs & Restoration Works, Redevelopment Projects, Glazing/Cladding Works, All kinds of Mechanical & Fabrication Contracts. As a matter fact, CBTL’s association with the construction of minisize power project has set a impetus to venture big time soon into the energy sector for undertaking turnkey power project works.

CBTL will soon go international with a varied association in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & Possibly in Africa with majority holding in all the joint Ventures Formed. Our Varied business abilities are acknowledged by the Overseas associates with a future vision of being the fore runners in Construction & Infra Sector in the next 5 to 7 years.

We at CBTL India have a strong talent base of qualified Engineers & Working Staff on its own payrolls apart from few liaising officers and staff working under its aegis at various project sites. We also contractually employ more than 600 – 700 labor/staff on monthly & Daily wage basis.

Director Message

  • Company Objectives
  • Provide Top Quality Engineering Services which maximise clients' results to conduct our business according To to the highest level of ethics
  • To do all in our power to pack the customer Rupee full of value, quality and satisfaction
  • To maintain a management culture that is action oriented, always flexible and never bureaucratic
  • To expect from the service we render a fair remuneration and not all the profit that market place will bear
  • To continue to train ourselves and our associates so that the service we give will be more and more intellectually performed
  • To be the most efficient in everything that we do
  • Our clients satisfaction is our genuine concern

Our Team

Mr. William Joseph Salvez


Mr. Philip Anthony


Mrs. Serra William Salvez (Administration)

Mrs. Lincy Philip.K (Accounts & Corporate Communication)

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